Published January 17, 2016
Michael Martinez
Title: Macbook goes down, Ubuntu to the Rescue Date: 2016-01-17 Author: Michael Category: Misc Tags: Linux, OSX, Ubuntu Slug: ubuntu-to-the-rescue Status: published
The last two weeks have been a ton of fun! The logic board on my Macbook Pro fried and the laptop stopped working, the holidays are were in full swing, and I really didn’t have a plan for my main computer being down. Thankfully, the logic board will be replaced under the Apple Quality plan. I really, really hope I receive the MBP next week…
Since my main machine was down, and I didn’t want to stop programming… I switched to an old laptop with Ubuntu Mate. It is a decent machine, but sounds like a jet engine with 2GB of RAM. Ubuntu installed beautifully and has run flawlessly while consuming very little resources. I am not a desktop Linux user so a lot of things have taken me more time than a veteran linux swashbuckler. That said, finding answers to questions has been really, really easy <questions> ubuntu 14.04.
I decided to use my favorite Python distribution, Anaconda, and it too has worked flawlessly. The old dotfiles that I kept stashed at Github didn’t work. They were very specific to OSX and a tad out of date. Lesson 10392, keep dotfiles up to date and include some basic linux configs too.
Now that I was on a proper linux DE, I thought is was a good time to give Emacs and Vim another shot. This experiment went about the same as it did with my OSX machine. That is, Emacs and Vim are brilliant text editors but trying to make them into an IDE is not a fun time. Completion and respecting virtual envs is more work than its worth in my opinion. I like to switch projects and play around, a LOT. To do this with these editors is a lot of key strokes. Then things only work half way most of the time. I am going to stick with Pycharm and ideavim for the time being.
In the next post I will talk about how I spun up the Jasper Voice driven application on this machine. Until then…