Published July 23, 2017
Michael Martinez
Title: Redouble efforts to stay relevant Date: 2017-07-23 Author: Michael Category: Dev-Notes Tags: Development, Python Slug: redouble-python Status: published
Where I struggle to maintain my tech hobbies with two children, wife and new promotion at the “day” job.

What should I do?

There are only so many years a man or woman can work on a fire engine before they realize it is truly the job for young people. Most firefighters get a little nag in the back of their brains around year 12… maybe it hurts to run 5 calls after midnight. They start thinking about retirement and what comes next.
There are lots of options… as most professional firefighters are really EMS/EMT/PARAMEDICS one could find work in the medical field. There are lots of teaching opportunities as the next generation of fire fighters need training. There are executive roles in fire departments across the country if one desires more public service… you get the idea.
I want to work in tech post fire department career. I realize that my age will, most likely, be viewed as a detriment to actual capabilities if I was to work in Silicon Valley, but I don’t care. I hope to get a fair shake despite age or lack of professional experience.
So… I am redoubling my efforts to learn and stay relevant with Python. I just can’t get enough of this language nor the ecosystem. I hope to begin attending PyCon and other awesome conferences. In short, I would love to make software for people in the fire service domain someday.
There is way more to life than just software, however. I have begun to meditate daily, run daily, and most important of all… LOVE U+1F493 daily. My children appear to be happy and my wife, the same. Life it seems, is great… but there is nothing like the thrill of working a problem in code to some semblance of a solution. It is magical… I really dig it.