Published December 17, 2011
Michael Martinez
Title: PhoneGap/Callback 1.3.0 - USE IT! Date: 2011-12-17 23:51 Author: Michael Category: JavaScript Tags: Android, Programming Slug: phonegapcallback-1-3-0-use-it Status: published
PhoneGap 1.2.0 broke apps when used on devices with Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0.* The
tag was being ignored I.e.
Meta is not parsed by the browser in PG 1.2.0, or is parsed and parsed incorrectly which made the viewport appear to be very zoomed out. Whichever case it may be, this is not good for the apps out there using the amazing Phonegap. I filed a JIRA ticket on the Apache JIRA Callback site. I was informed by Brion Vibber that 1.3.0 was fixing the issue and that it had been tagged in git. Alright!
So what do you do?
Well, I cloned PhoneGap from here:
You then have two options; Build it using Ant or Build it using Eclipse or similar IDE
I think using a pure Ant is the easiest and I’ll explain it here:
  1. Download latest PhoneGap/Callback from git
  1. Make a with SDK directory with this snippet:
    1. :::bash sdk.dir=/Developer/Development/android-sdk-mac_x86
  1. Then in terminal, navigate (cd /blah/blah) to the “framework” directory within the Callback directory
  1. type “ant jar” (Hopefully you get no build.xml errors)
  1. Done
The other way is not significantly more difficult but involves more steps. If all you need is the PhoneGap Jar and *.js Use the “pure” ant method. If you want to have a play with the source then by all means use the IDE to build the file. I will explain it if there is demand.