Published December 8, 2015
Michael Martinez
Title: Markov Chain Twitter Bot Date: 2015-12-08 12:19 Author: Michael Category: Python Tags: AI, Markov Chains Slug: markov-chain-twitter-bot Status: published
First, the bot can be seen in the wild here:
This is my first attempt to write a twitter bot that stands on its own. In addition to learning more about Python and Server management, I saw an opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence. The bot is completely driven by its own mind and updates its status using a form of Artificial Intelligence called Markov Chains.  I admit that I am way over my head (mathematically) with the complete comprehension of Markov math.
I am applying myself to this because I want to understand it on a deeper level. The future of programming, the future of a many industries, careers, and day-to-day life will be transformed by artificial intelligence. Robots are awesome and it is magical to see what this thing will say next. I provide my robot with a corpus of text and the bern_trump_bot takes over. Who knows what it will say next. I will also add that its difficult not to have some form of anthropomorphism toward the bot. This simple bot has opened my eyes to a world full of possibilities.