Published September 9, 2013
Michael Martinez
Title: Leatherman Sheath Date: 2013-09-29 20:55 Author: Michael Category: Design Tags: Hand Stitched, Leather, Sewing Slug: leatherman-sheath Status: published
My first batch of Vinegar Black (Vinegaroon) matured and I just had to test it out on a project other than scraps. So I made this hybrid pancake style Leatherman sheath. I used red thread as I wanted to see the aftermath of using vinegaroon on a piece that had already been stitched. I am happy to report that vinegaroon had no ill effects on the contact cement nor the thread at this point… will report back if it changes.
Vinegaroon is like magic, both to me and my little ones. The leather literally turns black before your eyes. To my wife’s chagrin, the kids wanted to “paint” every piece of leather in the house after they witnessed/created said event. That is the beauty of vinegaroon… its so easy my three and five year old dauber’ed this sheath. Didn’t have to worry about streaks nor them inhaling noxious fumes (although vinegaroon does smell pretty darn bad and I am not entirely sure its the best thing to inhale, so we do this on the porch).
You have to bathe the leather in a baking soda/h2o solution to neutralize the acid and that lead to even more learning. I showed them what happens when you pour some white vinegar on baking soda (sodium bicarbonate + diluted acetic acid = carbon dioxide). It was an easy segue into why we can’t mix nor play with chemicals around the house without Mama or Papa supervision, they were totally focused on what was going on. My five year old has been asking me to do more “experiments” everyday after school. So it really piqued his curiosity in… well, chemistry which is really awesome.
Anyway here are a few pics… the strap cut outs were done on a slight angle so that I can wear it comfortably while driving the engine. I see tons of imperfections and I will strive to get better.
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Leatherman sheath that will outlast me on this beautiful planet.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Black will never run, bleed or wash off
  • Hand Stitched