Published December 30, 2011
Michael Martinez
Title: JavaScript and teh new year… Date: 2011-12-30 00:07 Author: Michael Category: JavaScript Tags: Slug: javascript-and-teh-new-year Status: published
It is really quite amazing what you can get accomplished with Javascript once you wrap mind around its subtleties. I am there. I’m launching something quite new in the next week or so…. a sort of repository.
I will have my very own LABS page in the coming days. I will post demo’s, odds & ends there with full descriptions and tutorials here. Keep your eyes peeled.
The apps/market playground is quite fun and I’m not done there yet. The inevitable consolidation of the various app markets is underway, and the great migration to the next wild west is taking place once again.
The beauty in this consolidation is that it always lags and never fails to not materialize ( ? double negative === falsy : sue me :) )… except in one arena: teh internetz. ( My Dad told me to never use always, and to always remember that).
So where is the next gold rush? Who knows! Who cares? I’m having so much fun playing with the power of Javascript that I could care less. I just want to be “better” and that is all I’m working on right now, in multiple avenues.
In any case, its late and I’ve been pounding away on a cool cross-platform application (TBA soon). See you next year!