Published February 13, 2011
Michael Martinez
Title: Development Date: 2011-02-13 23:07 Author: Michael Category: Android Tags: Notes,Programming Slug: development Status: published
So far I’ve really enjoyed my time learning Java and Android development.  It’s taught me a great deal in regards to programming the entire life-cycle of an application. In class, we are generally given a small task to complete which can generally be accomplished in 1 to 3 hours with 5 or 6 class files.
Developing a “REAL” Android app has been an extreme learning curve comparatively speaking. Every aspect must be accounted for and properly dealt with. However, I would bet that it takes me three times longer than a seasoned developer to accomplish most tasks. I’m changing that slowly but surely… its a passion thing.
How does one become more efficient with their programming? Study relevant bits and minimize distractions. I attempt to steer clear of religious and political debates unless I’m cornered in my personal life. I’m finding that doing the same in programming pays off.
You can search and seek out, x vs. y debates and disccusions on the intertubes until you’re blue in the face. I’ve found that rarely, if ever, do you gain real insight from such discussions. I’ve found that its better to just do what you do until it doesn’t work, then seek new and better approaches specific to your problem. Drilling down the issue/problem to its finest details yields the best ROI for time in my experience thus far.
I know that sounds intuitive and easy. When you’re staring the giant programming world in the face with problems you barely comprehend its daunting and easy to be led astray. I’ve been clobbered by the time sucking ritual of IDE vs IDE debate when all I was looking for was a way to integrate a version control system. Countless hours; gone. No more, I say… I’m getting hyper-focused and staying there.
P.S. The picture is a preview of the next app…