Published March 10, 2012
Michael Martinez
Title: Coffeescript, Jasmine and Katas Date: 2012-03-10 14:07 Author: Michael Category: Javascript Slug: coffeescript-jasmine-and-katas Status: published
CoffeeScript is nice. It provides syntactic sugar and adds tremendous functionality to the web developers tool-chest. Those who appreciate terse, yet readable and well formatted code; CoffeeScript will seem like a manna from heaven. I find that I am already looking at my JavaScript and refactoring it in my head to CoffeeScript.
On long road trips I generally have a few hours to kill while the rest of the family is asleep. I generally take this time to fire up some podcasts and/or tutorials and to learn as I drive. I actually look forward to this time as I can almost totally focus on the content.
This trip I decided to load my Galaxy Nexus with a metric ton of CoffeeScript screen casts (just audio) and podcasts. My intention was to get the basics out of the way and I accomplished that objective.
Since I’ve returned home, I have decided to stick with CoffeeScript and add a few more. I have decided that my code needs to tested more throughly. CoffeeScript has made testing a complete breeze.
I’ve also become a believer in dedicated, deliberate practice. One can constantly reuse the same patterns and never really push themselves to get better. However, those who deliberately practice techniques and patterns they are not comfortable with generally begin to excel faster than those who just put in the hours haphazardly.
I used this code kata with CoffeeScript and Jasmine.
Click the post image to see the passing tests!
Here is my solution:
The Spec’s in CoffeeScript
[gist id=2014544]
The implementation in CoffeeScript:
[gist id=2014548]
Paste the CoffeeScript here to see what it looks like in JavaScript.