Published September 6, 2010
Michael Martinez
Title: App Inventor Date: 2010-09-06 13:26 Author: Michael Category: Android Tags: Apps Slug: app-inventor Status: published
Google’s App Inventor Beta is an AWESOME program and I’m lucky to be a part of it. They say it is intended for non-programmers and I agree to  a certain extent. However, people with programming experience will be quickly making apps that work.
Anecdotal evidence, my own, from the Google AI discussion board suggests that people with no programming experience struggle. They struggle with anything outside of hat was shown them in thetutorials. The good news is the tutorials are quite comprehensive… the bad news is the tutorials don’t cover a LOT of material.
The documentation is decent, but lacks depth in many areas. As this beta progresses, I’m sure we’ll see more in the form of documentation… among other improvements.
Stay tuned for the apps I’m working on, as I’ll post them as they are complete and ready for download. Cheers.