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Microsoft moving from Silverlight!

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Frustration is likely the main word from the poor souls who’ve put in serious amounts of time to become proficient with Expression Studio (Blend) and the intricacies of Microsoft’s Silverlight. Mary Jo Foley has a post up today where she interviews Bob Muglia, the Microsoft President in charge of…

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Android Development

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I just completed started my first Android app. It works… and its damn cool to see something you built on your phone. That said, there is still a TON of work to do. I hope that I’m not served with a cease and desist order, as Oracle is suing Google for patent infringements…

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Part II: Choosing a programming language

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I spent a considerable amount of time pondering which programming language I should really focus on.  I still have lingering questions and half-formed opinions at this time, perhaps getting them out here will help solidify the weaker aspects. This is not only an economical question, but also a philosophical…

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Brain-Computer Interface

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Talk about a fun diversion. I was minding my own business reading through my emails and I came across this hardware hacker manifesto. I’ve been taking things apart and trying to put them back together, sometimes in different configurations, for a looooonnnnggg time. Most people label this as a…

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A little JAVA; Overloaded Method

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Overloaded methods are handy for situations when you want to pass parameters in varying ways. I’m sure this is really simple stuff for veteran Java Jedi’s, but it may come in handy for a beginner like myself. Notice that the name of the method is the same for all…

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Part I: Choosing a programming language…

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…is a hard thing to do.

The choices when it comes to really learning a programming language are immense. Before I get to far ahead of myself, I’d like to make sure you know that I’m talking computer programming languages. Spoken languages are beautiful, inspiring and I’d like to learn Chinese….

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Android Super Computer App

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Did you ever wish you had a super computer in your pocket? You know for those debates at the firehouse; “Dude, I guarantee the human genome is completely indexable with the touch of a button, guarantee!”

Thanks to the geniuses at MIT, you could potentially deliver on such a promise. The

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App Inventor

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Google’s App Inventor Beta is an AWESOME program and I’m lucky to be a part of it. They say it is intended for non-programmers and I agree to  a certain extent. However, people with programming experience will be quickly making apps that work.

Anecdotal evidence, my own, from the…

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Welcome to the on again / off again Caffeine Blog!!!

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